Warehouse & Inventory

Stay ahead of your game by getting real stock forecast fast. One of the most common problems of businesses is the inability to efficiently track their product inventory. Some are losing business opportunities because of insufficient stocks. While some are actually spending more to supplies that is not getting much demand. Odoo’s warehouse and inventory module offers tools that lets companies organize and track actual product inventory count in real time. It allows you to maintain multiple warehouses in one system, receive stocks on a designated warehouse, transfer stocks between warehouse to warehouse, pull stocks from a warehouse and dispatch them to customers. It streamlines the whole logistical process, thus making your users do their job functions properly and more efficiently. There’s no more need to maintain several spreadsheets for managing inventory from different warehouses or calling several channels just to check the actual stock level. This lessens the risk of human errors due to wrong or double encoding. With Odoo’s Warehouse & Inventory module, your stocks and users can be managed in one hollistic system.

Most Odoo projects we’ve handled are implementations of warehouse and inventory. We’ve already provided this type of solution to companies related to food distribution, assembly and manufacturing of trucks, heavy equipment, and motorcycles, trading and distribution of consumer electronics and household fixtures. Its “opensource” nature allowed us to customize the system and be able to fit into the data needs of our clients.

Such Includes

  • Adding more details to the delivery order and serial number forms
  • Tweaking the workflow and adding system checks before dispatching products
  • Adding expiration date to products and be able to track those that are about to expire
  • Customize report layouts
  • Add more templates to fit into our client’s documents and forms.

The Warehouse module is fully integrated to the Sales module of Odoo. It allows checking of stock count during creation of Sales Quotation before anything gets validated. Discover more features and benefits of the Warehouse module.