Odoo offers an abundance of tools that can empower your Sales team in achieving their targets and doing their regular jobs. The CRM module allows them to keep track of their contacts, leads, opportunities, and inquiries, while the Sales module have facilities for easy creation of quotations, sales order, and tracking customer information.

The true beauty of this software is in its design. Odoo is a web-based software and was designed for cloud-based access. Therefore, it is easier for teams to collaborate and share data, while managers can extract reports generated by the team in real-time!

You can also choose which data to share to your users. Odoo has an access-restriction tool which allows you to define which data or information you want to share to a certain group of users. You are not limited to the pre-build information. Since it is “opensource” by nature, we can customize almost anything on it.

  • Add more details to the customer information form, sales order and quotation form.
  • Add a facility checker to make sure certain details on the forms were filled before getting saved.
  • Customize the layout of reporting templates and even add more.
  • Add or change the behavior of workflows to make sure that everything gets validated by the responsible personnel before getting moved to the next stage.

This flexibility brings an edge to companies using Odoo. Likewise, we’ve already brought the same experience to our clients and looking forward to do the same to your organization.

The Sales & CRM module is fully integrated to the Warehouse and Accounting module of Odoo. It allows creation of Delivery Orders and Sales Invoices with just one click! Discover more features and benefits of the Sales & CRM module.