Accounting & Finance

An Accounting system can be considered as the backbone of any business. It is almost impossible to make one without having an efficient way to handle customer billings and manage expenses. Odoo’s accounting module is pre-built with features that is enough to handle the accounting functionality needs of almost any business industry. Its system is flexible enough to make any finance-related adjustment. In fact, its flexibility can sometimes be the source of complexity. Specially, if the users have minimal accounting background. The system allows you to setup a chart of accounts and chart of taxes from scratch. This way, you can manage your cash flow according to your preference. Aside from its invoicing and voucher features, you can also create manual journal entries to make any type of adjustment.

We’ve done enough customizations and enhancements to the Accounting module to prepare us in addressing any complex development requirement. We’ve created a Check Warehousing feature that allows receiving and tracking the status of check payments before they get cleared; A Trade-In feature to accept properties as a form of payment to the system; Enhanced the Customer Billing module to fit in to the data and workflow requirements of our client; Extended the Customer Statement module to display more information such as payment history, credit details, and uncleared check payments. These are just some of the tweaks we did in our Accounting project implementation. If you wish to know more of its features or would like to get to know how we can further optimize your accounting processes using Odoo, feel free to get in touch with us.