• Odoo consulting

    Expert knowledge is always the key to any software implementation. We know the ins and the outs of using Odoo, and we can help you understand it further. Our dedicated team can study your current business situation and find the best way of implementing it before you dive into the development and migration, which makes up most of the work of the project. And if you currently have an Odoo implementation, we can bring you the skills needed to maximize or optimize your implementation.

  • Odoo Development and Customization

    We can make Odoo fit right into your business. We have a team of programmers who can develop modules to add more features that you need to the current bundle of Odoo or tweak some of its features to fit right into your business requirements.

    We like doing it, not just because it brings us the technical challenge but also because we do not want our clients to be stuck and be forced to fit into what a business software can offer. We understand that every business model may vary in workflow and every company may have its own strategic policy and procedure for achieving its targets.

    We want our clients to take that advantage from Odoo. And we do it properly by documenting every step of customization we do and by always keeping in mind the best practices in Software Programming.

  • Odoo Third Party Integration

    We are advocates of Software Integration. Integration is a practical, and yet a very efficient way to expand your business information system. It takes away repeat cost of investment for building a software. While Odoo offers a complete bundle of features that can accommodate a full business cycle, it won’t require you to use all of them.

    We know for a fact that most companies have already invested on a software for addressing a specific need (such as an accounting software). And we won’t let you put all your data and investment to waste! Odoo is designed to be modular and you can choose the feature that you need. While as a systems integrator, we can make Odoo and your software work perfectly with each other.

    Odoo is integration friendly and it offers ways to scale up your business by letting you share data with other platforms such as Mobile Apps and websites.

  • Odoo Support and Maintenance

    We offer a wide range of services for keeping your Odoo project in good shape. Are you looking for a vendor that can continously maintain your Odoo project and support your users? Our team has a deep knowledge of Odoo and has a full range of skills that can support no matter how complex your current implementation is.

    We can provide you with the following services:

    • Development of additional module and other programming customization
    • Additional reports development
    • Troubleshooting and debugging
    • Continous integration with third party systems
    • User application support
    • Data migration and extraction
    • System administration
    • System audit and software testing
    • System design and business analysis
  • Odoo Data Migration

    We put importance in protecting your valuable data. The effectivity of your software implementation is not only measured by good programming but the ability to offer well-rounded skills for supporting your users’ needs all through-out the project implementation. And one of the most important aspects during the process is data migration. A software won’t have much value to the users if there’s no data to start with and inability to move valuable data from the old system to Odoo normally causes failure on the implementation.

    We know this for a fact that is why we devote much effort in finding ways for moving your data so that your users can seamlessly adapt into the new system.

  • Full-scale Odoo Implementation

    We offer end to end services to cater to your immediate Odoo project requirements at a highly competitive cost. It is true that most businesses can operate without a software. But the more a business grows, the more its data can be harder to sustain. As a result, it can slow down business processes or may trigger a business to hire more people to do the same tasks. This can be counter-productive. A business software, like Odoo, is a strategic tool that adds value to a business by streamlining processes, automating time consuming tasks, reducing the risk of human errors, and producing reliable information fast. Such provides more room for growth and produces value that can be appreciated for the longer term.

    Implementing Odoo is not easy as it requires a lot of time, knowledge, and effort which cannot be done by a single person. But we are here to help, and make things easy for you! With our young existence in this field, we were already able to implement Odoo to different business industries such as supply and distribution of heavy equipment, manufacturing and assembly of trucks, distribution of consumer electronic, trading of bathroom tiles and fixtures, and food distribution. Such experience allowed us to gain ground in handling various business cases related to warehousing, inventory, logistics, sales, manufacturing and accounting.

  • Odoo BPO Services

    We can lend a hand to your business process outsourcing needs. Need a regular staff that can help you manage your system? We are capable of recruiting, training and maintaining an outsourced staff for you, that can efficiently operate your Odoo software. No matter what the job function is, just let us know your requirements and we can take care of the rest.