The company was formulated with the objective of providing an alternative, but very efficient, and yet, cost-effective
solution to the data and information system needs of micro, small, medium to enterprise (MSMEs) businesses in the country.
Its founders had been avid practitioners of opensource technology for several years and had been helping companies shape their
business processes through implementing various opensource software and tools.

Tale of its founders

Its founders, Pow and Mike, have been in the IT business for several years. Both have founded companies who have been bringing web and software development solutions to local and offshore companies. Pow have engaged mostly into cloud-based software development using opensource programming languages, while Mike have been offering web and software development services through out-of-the-box, opensource frameworks.

Both have been successful in their respective establishments as they both have been capitalizing on the demand of providing reliable and cost-effective IT development services to the market.

There came Odoo

Back in 2012, Mike had been exploring various ERP software to answer to the serious demands of some of its web clients. That’s when he discovered Odoo.

Back then it was named OpenERP. He eventually formed a team, through his company GLIMSOL, that would dedicate effort in implementing the software to some of his clients. But the demand grew bigger as its happy clients have been preaching the technology to their own business network.

Three years ahead (2015), Mike introduced the software to Pow, and so as the opportunity, until he became interested to come along and form a new venture that would focus to the needs of this growing market.

This became the start of Nexact Data Systems Corp.

Your Next, Exact solution

The name Nexact was derived from the words Next and Exact. That is because the word Next can symbolize innovation, while Exact means to fit. This aligns with our objective which is to innovate the system of companies by providing them with software solutions that fits their business processing needs. (As opposed to the common modern practice of some propriety software where most business users need to fit more into what their system can offer).

We are Partner-centric

Nexact treats its Clients as Partners.

The Group is composed of Odoo experts who are more than motivated in providing automation and business solutions to its clients. Likewise, they also see every opportunity as a long term engagement and partnership.

Nexact works hand in hand with its clients, providing them with continous assistance and guidance through frequent consultations and hands-on training.

For almost two years now, the group has already provided Odoo solutions to various industries including trading, distribution, and manufacturing of household fixtures, trucks, heavy equipment, consumer electronics and food.