Pitching your ERP plan to your CEO

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Do you want to help your organization be more profitable? More profits in your organization means more also for you. As the company develops, you too will experience progress. You might think that you are helping your organization by working more time than expected, for example, working 80 hours a week instead of only 40 hours a week. However, this will only increase the organization’s costs like overtime pay and utility bills. So, we suggest that you work smarter rather than harder. You can do this by improving business processes and giving ideas. Most of the time, you know what needs to be improved because you’re the one doing the task. So step up and consider an ERP solution. Unfortunately, finding a solution is the easy part, the hard part is discussing it to the CEO or Board of Directors.

Before bringing this up to your boss, it would help to consider these:

Choose the right time. Everything has its right time and right place. If the company recently lost a huge account or had just encountered a major loss, it is advisable to wait for the company to get back at its original good financial state before you ask for your boss to invest on something. Take action and help the company during this financial crisis. Then when the time comes that you feel the company is ready to give it a go, bring the solution to your boss and discuss its advantages to him. This way, you have earned his trust, and surely he will be open to suggestions especially if it’s for the company’s growth.

Think like your boss. Do not try to get them to say “yes”, just try to get them NOT to say “NO”. You can do this by listing down the benefits of an ERP implementation. Explain that this is an investment, not a cost. It will require a certain amount of money, but in exchange, all will reap the benefits. Last but not the least, indicate why an ERP solution will fit the organization. To help you on this, check out some items below:

  • Is your current system efficient enough? Do you have tools/applications that lets your data be shared without delay or interruptions?
  • How long does it take to get an important report that is used in business planning?
  • Is your current system able to manage all relevant processes such as Accounting, Sales, Purchases, and many more?
  • Does your current system meets or exceeds your client’s expectations when it comes to turn-around time?
  • Are you using and maintaining multiple applications/software for your multiple departments? 

Think strategically. Present what future would be like when ERP solution is implemented. Tell stories of successful ERP implementations and let them see the road to success. Emphasize on how this solution will accelerate the company’s growth, and of course, profitability!

Explore ERP systems. Every company has its own requirements and processes. Choose the right one that fits your organization. Lay down relevant factors such as price and implementation scope. Do not be afraid to consult experts that know about ERP solutions and implementations.

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Plan. Training people will surely take time. Propose a solution on how the business process will go as usual in the training phase of implementation. No need to worry as ERP consultants can guide the users during this stage.

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