odoo vs. basic software

We can say that a basic software is just a tool or an application which gives the company limited functionalities. For example, an Inventory Software is used to monitor the quantity of each item, including the model, color, etc. Another is, a Sales Program is used for preparing quotations and sales orders. These programs cannot function as an accounting software wherein generation of reports is possible, or a human resource management software which holds payroll and employee management 

Working in an organization means working together closely with other departments to reach company’s goals. Since data are being passed on from one department to another. Having a basic software can slow down the productivity of the employees.

odoo vs basic software

We have encountered companies that maintain 2 software applications, one is focusing on the Accounting side, and the other one is managing the other departments such as Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory. Both will incur costs since both programs have a maintaining fee. This is not only costly for the company, but it is also inefficient because double encoding is required.

On the contrary Odoo is an ERP system used to manage all enterprise’s needs. You can expect that Odoo can handle every sector from Sales to Accounting, from the first step up to the last, until the transaction is closed. It consolidates all the functionalities into one single application. Furthermore, it works with multiple branches and their corresponding departments. This way, transfer of data and communication is easier and faster from one department to another. Besides that, every module is connected with each other so duplication of entry is not necessary. Thus, making the process more efficient and effective.

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Here is a basic scenario: After you received a Purchase Order from the client, you will create a Sales Order. Odoo will automatically generate entries that will show product availability. If available, it will pass through the delivery unit, and the account will be reported for payments with corresponding entries in the Accounting books.

Likewise, Odoo can be modified as per business requirements, workflow, and rules. One basic yet important feature that Odoo has is its wide range of functionalities, which a basic software does not have. You can maximize the use of Odoo because it is very flexible, whereas a basic software is limited. Hence, affecting the efficiency of the company.