How to Plan Strategies using Odoo


There is a study that shows Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used by over 2,000,000 users worldwide from small (1 user) up to big companies (300,000+ users) for the very reason that it makes the business processes more efficient and effective.  Furthermore, it is also a fact that Odoo can be used as a guide for the management when it comes to decision making. Odoo includes relevant features that contains useful data which can help at the decision making period.

                                                                                              This program manages only 1 database that gets all the information from all the stations of input which can be presented in a preferred format.

Many departments in most companies are interconnected. All departments need information from each other to complete the job. For companies who are still working manually results to longer turn-around time since the transfer of information is slower. The tendency is that the stored data by the administration is not really updated. Therefore, the management generates plans that is based from the old information, which is not accurate. On the contrary, Odoo provides updated and accurate data that results to quality reports. Not only that, since the reports are updated in real-time, management can see the overall view of the business standing, which is a more reliable basis for decision making.

Let’s further understand this concept with an example. Reports like daily sales, daily inventory, and daily purchases are manageable if these are done daily. However, if you plan to implement a strategy for business expansion and do forecasting, you need to get the overall reports like annual sales, annual inventory, and annual purchases.  You can actually do this manually. But then, you will consume time and effort in order to get the complete data you need.

Odoo provides important information that takes a huge part in decision making.

Nonetheless, if you implement Odoo in your business, all the data can be consolidated in just few clicks. No need to waste time. In just one click, you can get the accurate figures you need in order to plan for a strategy. It is but right to invest your valuable time in planning a strategy for business expansion, rather than wasting time just getting the reports you need. Consequently, Odoo provides important information that takes a huge part in decision making.

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