What to know When Buying Odoo ERP Software




It is a fact that working in a company that does not apply Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is very challenging. It has been proven that those small to large scale companies that uses Odoo ERP solution reap the benefits of having the control over all the business process. However, there are still companies that are afraid to go out of their comfort zone. These companies would just do their very best to maintain their business status, not knowing they themselves are the hindrances to expansion.

All companies, from small to large scale businesses aim for the same goal, that is to grow the business. Of course, businesses would be able to achieve this by increasing productivity and implementing better business intelligence. Business intelligence means coming up with business analysis purposes with the use of different techniques and tools that transform raw data into meaningful and valuable information.

It is good to know these tips below when buying Odoo ERP software:



The first step is to look for an Odoo ERP implementation provider you’d be comfortable to work with, since they will probably be your long-term ERP partner. In the process of working with the good provider, you can expect great customer support from the beginning of the business process up to the last. Thus, partnering with the an Odoo ERP partner can save you a lot of time and resources.

For example, Nexact gives free Odoo ERP consultation, builds customized Odoo ERP software, and offers hands-on training that will definitely fit your current business requirements.


Thorough Research

Take time to do a careful study on the business architecture of an Odoo ERP software. It is good to learn about Odoo’s elements (such as Warehouse & Inventory, CRM & Sales, Accounting & Finance, and Supply Chain Solution) in order to appreciate each component. Furthermore, your software provider probably has a team that analyzes your business process alongside with you. Consequently, you will have a better idea on how to apply Odoo ERP software into your business.



Business Analysis

According to Wikidot, Business Needs Analysis is defined as the study that attempts to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. You must be able to pin point your business requirements such as Tracking of Sales Orders, Stock Movements, Financial Reports, and many more, before buying any software.

Nexact will guide you through turning these requirements into solutions that your company can use in order to achieve desired strategic goals.


Willingness to Adapt

Odoo ERP software is an out of a box tool that can be customized. Hence, its users should be ready to adapt to what the system offers. It is a compromise between what clients want and what the system presents. Its future users should be able to carefully plan and see if its current pool of staff are savvy enough to adapt to a new system. The organization must assess if they would be burdened by daily load because they must be able to set aside a time to learn and adapt to the process changes.



Generally, ERP solutions are great, but not all are easy to use. With Odoo ERP software, you can expect a simple and easy interface. Almost every section appears to be similar because it sticks to a standard design pattern. However, in some cases when more features are enabled, it might look complex to use. Nevertheless, once you get through it, you can easily learn and adapt.

Odoo ERP software is not a perfect system that everything can just be fitted in. But anyone who is willing to adapt to it can maximize the potential of the software, likewise the business itself. Working easily with a program will result to efficiency, thus business operations gain higher productivity.

Nexact Data Systems provides free consultation and training to help you understand how ERP software works.  Feel free to contact [email protected] to assist you in identifying your business requirements and help you improve your business process.