5 Benefits Why You Should Go “Cloud” With Odoo


Cloud with finger

What comes to your mind when you encounter the word “cloud”? Is it sky? Or heaven? Or up above? Well, these words would probably pop into our mind when we were at the time of desktop computers that occupy the space of almost half of our tables, when cellular phones are as big as our wireless phones, and when tablet computers hadn’t been created yet. However, that time is gone. This is the time when LED screens are used as our computer monitors, the time when cellular phones can be used as a computer, and when almost all people possess tablet computers. In these modern days, when you come across the word “cloud”, you would automatically think of “internet”.

Odoo is an ERP software that has a cloud feature which gives us the ability to access applications or resources through the internet. Do you think applying Odoo is important? Is it for us? Let’s check out several reasons why companies go into cloud with Odoo.

1. Flexible: With an internet connection and any technological device, business owners/employees can work anywhere and anytime in the world. Odoo has a cloud-based storage that gives an easy and fast access of documents/information that offers convenience to any busy person. It is no longer a requirement to go to the office physically and do paper works or whatever. Now, that’s what we call flexible.

2. Secure: No need to worry about your hardware when earthquake, typhoon, or any calamity occurs. Odoo can be cloud-based which grants you the security that your data/record is safe from any calamity attacks (as long as your server is hosted in the cloud). Certainly, we have our contingency plans when it comes to data security. So even if digital systems might have their own flaws, we can greatly reduce the risk with the cloud.

3. Reduce costs: No need to purchase for the fastest computer, that’s what the cloud system is for. Most of the time, companies invest on computer equipment (e.g. computer server and storage devices) which would certainly depreciate in a couple of years. Besides that, they are required to hire an IT person to maintain and fix the server once in a while. Having Odoo as a cloud-based solution would not only eliminate this cost, but also cut down costly renewal licenses. With this, it would save you from a load of IT problems.

4. Efficient: Having cloud-based data access results to company’s efficiency. Since employees have access on the data they need, they can edit, update, and share files in real time. Therefore, employees can collaborate and work together even if they are not physically sitting beside each other. This saves the employees from working over-time, and also saves the company from over-time payouts. Talking about hitting two birds in one stone.

5. Outstanding customer service: Study shows that cloud-based companies are more likely to satisfy their customers. Because cloud-based systems are easily accessible to employees, customers’ requests are more likely to be delivered in a faster pace with a more accurate result. Thus, happy customers lead to happy business.

It’s time to keep up with technology. Evaluate your business now. Remember, there’s always room for improvements, even your business needs one.

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